Buying a Home in Memphis, TN

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet your needs is a significant and often stressful time. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are experts in the area, and once we learn what it is that you’re looking for, finding your dream home is simple.

Before you start looking for a home you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where do you want to live? Are there particular neighborhoods or communities that you like?
  • What kind of house would you like (need)? Are you looking for a particular style? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Is a home office a necessity? Do you need a bonus room or flex-room?
  • Do you entertain often? Is a home suitable for entertaining something you’re looking for?
  • Do you want a yard, pool, gated or guard gated community?
  • Have you determined your price range or consulted a lender to determine the best price range?

Searching for your dream home can be a time-consuming experience. Working with our professional team will make the process much more efficient!

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Are you READY to buy in this competitive market?
In this video, we discuss SMART ideas to help buyers be in a position to win the bidding war on the house they want!
Buyer fees for closing and down payment
What is included in "closing costs" and loan down payment.
Factors that play into mortgage loan preapproval
What factors are considered by the lender when getting pre-approved for a loan.
What is Earnest (Trust) Money
This video talks about what earnest money is, how it is handled, and what it does.
Will it Stay or Will it GO?
What items are included in the sale of the house and what items might the seller take when they leave?
Who pays for what during the home buying process
Inspections, appraisals, pest inspection and termite clearance letter...who pays for them and WHY.
What is a 203K/Renovation loan?
Did you know that you can buy a house that needs updating and pay for the updates with the loan funds? This is how.
FHA vs Conventional Financing
Quick comparison of FHA and Conventional mortgage loan requirements.
How being self-employed impacts buying a home
Being self-employed causes the loan and pre-approval process to look a little different, especially if you aren't up to date on your taxes!
HUGE factor to keep in mind when thinking about buying a home with a mortgage
Just because you CAN spend a certain amount on a house, doesn't always mean that you WANT to spend that amount, or have the monthly payment that goes along with a certain amount.
Real Estate Terminology: Buyer Agent (Selling Agent) and Listing Agent
This video talks about the different roles that each type of agent plays in a real estate transaction. The Buyer agent works only for the buyer and "has the buyer's back". The listing agent represents the seller and is there to get the best terms for the seller. Each plays an important role and it is difficult for one agent to play both roles, impartially.
Learn the Lingo- Part 2: The Offer
This video talks about what role an offer plays in the purchase process, what terms are in the offer, offers between buyer and seller are handled, and what to think about putting in your offer to purchase a home.
Learn The Lingo, PT 3: Earnest Money
This video explains what Earnest Money (also called Trust Money) is, why it is used, what happens with it, and how it is accounted for.
Learn the Lingo PT 4: Inspection and Resolution Period
What happens once we have a contract on a property? How is the inspection handled? What about repairs? Find out in today's video!
What IS a contingency? What are some contingencies that are built into every contract in the State of Tennessee? How do we handle them, and how do they help or hurt a buyer/seller? Find out in today's Learn The Lingo!
Learn The Lingo PT 6: The Appraisal
If a real estate transaction involves a mortgage loan, then it will almost 100% require an appraisal. What does an appraiser look for? How is an appraisal performed? What impact does appraised value have on the transaction? Find out in today's Learn The Lingo!
Getting your home ready to SELL!!!
What items should sellers focus on, in getting their home ready to list? Today's message details things to consider and take a look at to get your home in tip top condition to sell fast and for top dollar!